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    Let aluminum foil container be your dining partner

    Top ten brands of aluminum foil container in China

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    About Weibo

    Let aluminum foil container be your dining partner.

    Weibo is a technology-based enterprise focusing on aluminum foil products, molds and machinery, integrating R & D, production, sales and service. Specializing in the research of aluminum foil products for 20 years, we have more than 50 fully automatic aluminum foil lunch box production lines and more than 600 sets of aluminum foil lunch box molds, which meet the needs of different customers.

    South China production base (Foshan Weibo), central China production base (Hubei Weibo) and West China production base (Sichuan Weibo) have formed a whole process service system of rapid supply. With excellent products and high-quality service, we have won wide recognition from customers and peers.

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      experience in aluminum foil products
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      Technical R&D personnel
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      sets of aluminum foil lunch box mold

    Product Center

    Food grade environmental protection aluminum foil container

    Smooth-wall aluminum foil container

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    • Aluminum foil container

      Round series | Square series

      airline container | multi compartment container

      BBQ series | Turkey container series

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    • Aluminum foil roll

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    Provide technical support and solutions for aluminum foil products

    Aluminum foil products mould series

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    Aluminum foil products production line

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    It's safer to keep warm and fresh by aluminum foil come container.

    • Catering application

      Metal texture, high temperature resistance, direct heating, low temperature refrigeration, high barrier, good sealing, good package, strong pressure resistance, no deformation for packing and delivery.

    • Baking applications

      Patterns, various shapes, can be used for soup, salad, cake, dessert, biscuits and other food, lightweight material, easy to pack and carry, convenient for health.

    • Self heating application

      Self heating container is more and more popular, easy to carry, automatic heating, reduce cooking cost, safer and more delicious for food.

    • Food application

      With the development of society, lobster has become a common food on the dining table. Aluminum foil color box can be directly used for food storage, fast food chain food packaging, barbecue / baking, molding, heating and freezing.

    • Barbecue application

      Fast heat conduction, uniform heating, non burnt, non greasy, non sticky bottom, keep the original flavor of food. It is widely used in kebab, roast chicken wings, roast meat, pizza, roast chicken, Huajia, baked rice, etc. it is suitable for home and outdoor.

    • Aviation applications

      High quality, light material, beautiful appearance, rational design, easy using, anti-oxidation, waterproof, good sealing, easy to transport and carry.

    • Application of retain freshness and heat preservation

      Aluminum foil has high deformability which can fit the shape of food, light proof, prevent secondary pollution, fast heat conduction, perfect unfreeze.

    Aluminum foil container

    It will become necessary package of food in the future

    • Environmental protection and easy recycling

      It is safe, non-toxic, easy to recycle, high temperature resistant, non-leakage and easy to store.

    • Heat and cold resistance

      It can be used on fire, in oven, freezer and gas stove.

    • Unique design

      One time forming, easy to demould; beautiful appearance, covering with different lids, in different sizes and colors.

    • Light material

      Non-stick material, easy to carry, tight packing

    Advantages of Weibo

    Professional aluminum foil products production, research and development, sales one-stop service

    • R & D advantage
    • technology advantage
    • scale advantage
    • qualification advantage
    • R & D advantage, optional customization

      We have independent R & D center and testing center, which has 25 scientific research personnel and senior engineers in professional fields, and the most advanced and precise R & D instruments and equipments.

      Welcome customization with the drawing or samples (25 days for samples, 35 days for delivery goods)

      Online consultation
    • Technical advantages, providing technical planning

      Having automatic aluminum foil container production lines, and more than 600 sets of moulds for making aluminum foil container, we can provide a complete set of production solutions and technical support for this industry.

      Independently develop and design moulds, is in the forefront of the industry.

      Online consultation
    • Scale advantage, three production bases

      We have three production bases, such as South China production base (Foshan Weibo), central China production base (Hubei Weibo), and Western China production base (Sichuan Weibo) forming a fast supply of whole service system;

      We have dust-free workshop with sanitary standard, more than 50 automatic, intelligent, digital and information-based production lines;

      Online consultation
    • Qualification advantage, charitable enterprise

      In 2018 and 2019, we won the honorary title of "Top ten brands of China aluminum foil container". The company has many invention patents and industry honors, laying a solid foundation for the development of the enterprise.

      While creating economic value, we also have tradition to feedback society and contributes our effort to the harmony society development.

      Online consultation

    Serving the world based on China

    Our products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as United States, Canada, Korea, Germany, Britain, Saudi Arabia, India, Libya, Japan, Algeria, Angola, Iran and so on.

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    Committed to become a leader in the aluminum foil products industry

    Top ten brands of aluminum foil container in China

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    WeChat communication

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