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    Secretary General Wang of the association visited Foshan Weibo company.

    Publisher: Weibo    Time:2019-11-26 9:07:20

    Wang, Secretary General of the association's Secretariat, visited Foshan Weibo.

    In order to deeply understand the marketing status of packaging enterprises and give full play to the role of Industry Association as a bridge, on November 23, Secretary General Wang Kejian, Deputy Secretary General Guo long and Deputy Secretary General Ge Wenmei of food packaging professional committee of China non staple food circulation association visited Foshan Weiye aluminum foil products Co., Ltd.

    Yan yewei, chairman of Foshan Weiye aluminum foil products Co., Ltd. and manager Huang, business director, received the visit of the association, accompanied by visiting Weibo's product exhibition hall, production workshop and related storage and transportation workshop. Yan Dong introduced the current production situation, product layout and national market share of weifoil in Foshan, Guangdong, Ezhou, Hubei and Deyang, Sichuan. He also introduced the enterprise culture and management experience of weifoil. Wang Kejian, Secretary General of the association, highly recognized the product quality of Wei foil, and praised the market opportunities and steady entrepreneurial style of Wei foil under the leadership of Yan Dong.

    Weibo will take this opportunity to make continuous innovation and strive to make every family use the aluminum foil lunch box!

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    Top ten brands of aluminum foil container in China

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